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Korean Music – Lee Jung Hyun

Korean Proverb – Dust

“One can build a mountain by collecting dust” – Korean Proverb

Korea Day 2010

HI there,

By chance, I discovered that today is Korea Day, and so off I went to the little festival.

It was fairly good, good food, reasonable entertainment, and hot girls with nice legs and too much makeup on… typical 🙂

Anyways, I only spent a few hours there, and got some very random and fairly lame shots as I wasn’t really in the mood.

Here below are the random and fairly lame not in the mood shots 🙂

2010_04_10_IMG_2016 2010_04_10_IMG_2019 2010_04_10_IMG_2037 2010_04_10_IMG_2051 2010_04_10_IMG_2057 2010_04_10_IMG_2060 2010_04_10_IMG_2062 2010_04_10_IMG_2063 2010_04_10_IMG_2065 2010_04_10_IMG_2066 2010_04_10_IMG_2068 2010_04_10_IMG_2069 2010_04_10_IMG_2073 2010_04_10_IMG_2074 2010_04_10_IMG_2075 2010_04_10_IMG_2078 2010_04_10_IMG_2079 2010_04_10_IMG_2080

Things I noticed… Korean People are nice, except when they are in a big group, but I can look past that, cause I was just perving at all the hot chicks with way way to much makeup on 🙂


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