BBC News: Philippine President Duterte curses Obama over human rights

Philippine President Duterte curses Obama over human rights –

Well.. the comment about Obama made me laugh.. have to hand it to Duterte, he’s coming across as a man not to be manipulated by the USA and although I don’t agree with outright killing of people … He has a point.. and it’s working. .. so if he’s man enough and passionate enough to stand up to these parasites that are feeding the addiction of others…. well then. . good on him for doing so. . And shame on the UN for being such a pack of useless twats as are they always. 

Time to sit back and watch the fun…

That and North Korea firing more missiles into Japanese waters… This is going to be an entertaining year :p

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  1. yojinosora on

    UN is really useless…even with the sufferers from war, UN doesnt anything and let thousands of many people die in the ocean.


    • Z3Bra on

      Hello my friend 🙂

      Yes you are 100% correct.
      It’s a real shame that this happens.. but maybe the UN has become useless now, and there needs to be a new uprising by the people of the world.. not just the people with money who control politics … who knows. 🙂


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