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Man fatally shoots his computer after too many ‘blue screens of death’


Now here is a News item worthy of being called News 🙂

Retuning to insanity


For the most part… travel around ones own country us both a blessing and a curse.

I’ve been on the road for a long time… seeing a bunch of places and meeting really interesting people….

But I have this hankering for the  abnormality of my normal life again… 

I think.. adventures in small hand full sizes are best..   and most certainly more affordable… lol I drew to see my visa bill when I’m done lol :p

The adventure .. This epic road trip around the south island, is coming to a end soon.. and I am already planning my next set of mini adventures around New Zealand North Island, including a possible escape to Australia and maybe one or two of the Pacific Islands …. and my forthcoming Canada / USA trip at the end of 2015. 

Anyone or any company want to sponsor my mad little adventures… I’d be open to discussions lol ahh I dream I dream :p

But still.. Life’s an interesting journey. . Every moment we are alive is an adventure in the making.

Plane is about to land so I’ll sign off here..

Next adventure video should be up shortly ..

Stay tuned. .  And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and Youtube for more wonderful and weird adventures 🙂

Government Surveilance–TED TALKS

This is worth a watch Smile


We are sheep, we shall follow ewe


I am all for peaceful protests, standing up for what you believe in, having a voice…   

But sometimes, when it moves to a fashion , something trendy to be seen doing cause others are doing it… it’s pointless… case in point… the Camping protests in Wall St, NY USA, is all about the USA public who have just had enough, and fair enough too I say, but come on… now that stupid-ass movement made it to NZ, and we are following like silly sheep ??

Oh really… give me a break!

Since when did kiwis stop thinking for themselves and start following another countries politics ?? Has John Key done this to us ? Has our government really turned us into a nanny-state ?… some nannies are really cute.. and some murder babies…   yes, lets all just follow the blind already…



Hawaii – Day 10 – Bum City (Thursday)

Another kool day.

Took pictures of Bums… I’ll update this in a few days when I get home.


Spent the rest of the day with my dear dear friend Jenivie…See other posts for Links to her shows.


….. a few days later….. I have added Bumage pictures 🙂

2010_03_19_IMG_1689 2010_03_19_IMG_1690 2010_03_19_IMG_1685 2010_03_19_IMG_1687 2010_03_19_IMG_1688

Hawaii – Day 9 (wednesday)

Same as the last two days.


Just having chill time with my friend Jen.

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