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BBC News: Germany replaces BND spy chief Schindler

Germany replaces BND spy chief Schindler –

Maybe there’s a stirring with countries … realizing what sort of shit thr US government has been up to for so many years. 

New Zealand has its own spy base too.. and we’ve spied for the US as they have for us against our own respective people.   It’s been going on since forever.. and likely will continue to also.. just more covertly.

Any change is good no matter how small or large.. and a lot of respect to those who have the balls to stand up against the corrupt government systems.

Thoughts ?

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Germany houses refugees in Nazi concentration camps

This has to be one of the biggest WTF moments ever..

I mean I understand the idea behind it… but … really… seriously … WTF?

I really do wonder about the state of the world some times.


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