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BBC News: Is your smartphone listening to you?

Is your smartphone listening to you? –

Yes. Yes it is. If it didn’t then it wouldn’t know when it was getting things wrong and when I’m about to throw it against a brick wall. :p

Old news.. app makers and data miners like Google and the such will always be finding new ways to get more information from us.. legally or not. .. mostly not.

Welcome to the world.

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BBC News: Germany replaces BND spy chief Schindler

Germany replaces BND spy chief Schindler –

Maybe there’s a stirring with countries … realizing what sort of shit thr US government has been up to for so many years. 

New Zealand has its own spy base too.. and we’ve spied for the US as they have for us against our own respective people.   It’s been going on since forever.. and likely will continue to also.. just more covertly.

Any change is good no matter how small or large.. and a lot of respect to those who have the balls to stand up against the corrupt government systems.

Thoughts ?

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Songs in the Key of John

john key puppet to obama

Dedicated to John Key, the PM of New Zealand, one man to bring down the freedom of the rest ?

Who’s watching who ?





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