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Hard day at the office – Image


Sometimes, we just want to give up

throw in the towel, walk away

become a ghost.

Sometimes, we go out of our minds.



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Veiled Construction

Construction_veil_2012-01-01 20.16.55


Simple road works behind a security/protection veil.

Only had my mobile phone with me, and wasn’t that happy with how it came out.

Wanted to sort of express the hidden side of a city.

Oh well.



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Segmented realty of the mind…

Fractions of a life one known ?

Rocky Roads of Life


rocky roads of life, offering paths of non choices. Twisting us this way and that, deforming our minds with countless impalement of conflicting beliefs. What stands before us in the early morning mirror.. is but a reflection of someone else

Weekend Adventures & Fireballs ?

EEEEks!!  Balls on fire.. never good 🙂

Anyway, welcome to another (greatly belated) Weekend Adventure.


I started off leaving Auckland with the best intentions of making the next city within a few hours, however, due to an unforeseen screw-up with my lovely Garmin GPS, and me just randomly taking side roads, it took about 9 hour. Still, has to be said, it was a hoot.


Left Saturday Morning, got back late Sunday evening.


Here’s some random photos from both days and two videos at the end.


Cheers 🙂


Day One……


2010_05_15_IMG_3096 2010_05_15_IMG_3101 2010_05_15_IMG_3111 2010_05_15_IMG_3125 2010_05_15_IMG_3151 2010_05_15_IMG_3155 2010_05_15_IMG_3162 2010_05_15_IMG_3164 2010_05_15_IMG_3188 2010_05_15_IMG_3194

Day Two…..


2010_05_16_IMG_3198 2010_05_16_IMG_3199 2010_05_16_IMG_3208 2010_05_16_IMG_3231 2010_05_16_IMG_3236 2010_05_16_IMG_3237 2010_05_16_IMG_3246 2010_05_16_IMG_3264 2010_05_16_IMG_3266 2010_05_16_IMG_3278 2010_05_16_IMG_3373 2010_05_16_IMG_3376 2010_05_16_IMG_3378


and… two videos…




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