Weekend Adventures & Fireballs ?

EEEEks!!  Balls on fire.. never good 🙂

Anyway, welcome to another (greatly belated) Weekend Adventure.


I started off leaving Auckland with the best intentions of making the next city within a few hours, however, due to an unforeseen screw-up with my lovely Garmin GPS, and me just randomly taking side roads, it took about 9 hour. Still, has to be said, it was a hoot.


Left Saturday Morning, got back late Sunday evening.


Here’s some random photos from both days and two videos at the end.


Cheers 🙂


Day One……


2010_05_15_IMG_3096 2010_05_15_IMG_3101 2010_05_15_IMG_3111 2010_05_15_IMG_3125 2010_05_15_IMG_3151 2010_05_15_IMG_3155 2010_05_15_IMG_3162 2010_05_15_IMG_3164 2010_05_15_IMG_3188 2010_05_15_IMG_3194

Day Two…..


2010_05_16_IMG_3198 2010_05_16_IMG_3199 2010_05_16_IMG_3208 2010_05_16_IMG_3231 2010_05_16_IMG_3236 2010_05_16_IMG_3237 2010_05_16_IMG_3246 2010_05_16_IMG_3264 2010_05_16_IMG_3266 2010_05_16_IMG_3278 2010_05_16_IMG_3373 2010_05_16_IMG_3376 2010_05_16_IMG_3378


and… two videos…




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