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Star light,

Star bright,

WTF, a sky light ?



Day at the gardens

Ah yeppers, went to visit the local botanical gardens with a friend… messed about with camera 🙂

Nadine_bridge_01_IMG_2010_10_16_0108 Nadine_bridge_02_IMG_2010_10_16_0108 Nadine_grass_01_IMG_2010_10_16_0108 Nadine_grass_02_IMG_2010_10_16_0108 Nadine_grass_03_IMG_2010_10_16_0108

Madang Hannuri – Korean

Last night, I attended the 5th annual concert of Korean Traditional Performing Arts.

It was really really good.

Basically, traditional drumming, dancing, etc. Lots of people attended and a good night was had by all.

Here are a few images and some video from last night.

Sorry in advance for the messy video, I’m still getting the hang of not throwing the camera at brick walls. LOL

Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1495 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1496 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1510 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1511 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1528 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1536 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1554 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1558 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1562 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1578

Video Links: If the YouTube embedded video doesn’t work, just click on the linked title instead. 🙂

Madang Hannuri – Dancing and a rather big Ribbon

Summer in Auckland

Yep, and the pretty flowers come out 🙂

Cherry Blossoms are becoming very popular in Auckland now, with a growing Asian community and appreciation for cultures, Auckland is slowly becoming one of the best places I know of :)… it’s still a sucky city, but it’s getting better 🙂

Flowers_2010_10_02_IMG_1460 Flowers_2010_10_02_IMG_1466 Flowers_2010_10_02_IMG_1472 Flowers_2010_10_02_IMG_1485 Flowers_2010_10_02_IMG_1489

Takapuna at Night

I was messing around with long exposures and noticed my camera will only go 30seconds… annoying.. so a High ISO and this is the result… some minor tweaking 🙂



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