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TED: Kwame Anthony Appiah: Is religion good or bad? (This is a trick question)

TED: Kwame Anthony Appiah: Is religion good or bad? (This is a trick question)


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She broke Traveling


I am speechless…sort of…

As much as I sort of enjoy Shiina Ringo, there are some songs people should just never try and cover….



This is what she did……



This is what it SHOULD BE!!

❤ Hikki



And now… I poop.


Users virtually immortal on social media

So here is a very in depth and a little drawn out article about cyber life and the reality of death.. what happens to your online life when you finally kick the bucket and start pushing up daisies while sowing the seeds of life under a tree ? 

I have a friend who’s in that state now.. gone a few years but still here .. and I’m ok with it.. to a degree. Reminds me of how good a guy he was.. and reminds me of how much I miss his madness too.

Yea anyway. . Have a read. .have a think.. start a discussion here on my blog and let’s hear what you think.

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Insane Stupidity or Bravery ?

Mustang Wanted Compilation


I have no words…..

Food! Where does it come from, absolutely everywhere.. now say it again… FOOD!



WARNING – this blog contains common sense, you might get offended. To avoid being offended, get some common sense, or go by some fast-food.


When I see stupid-arse uninformed articles like the one below….

“  Please keep this going around the world…请向全球传递这封信!mp.weixin.qq.comDenmark is a big shame.

I’m like.. WTF People!!

The actual article this was butchered from is:



OK so this has been getting on my nerves a bit lately. Seeing all these people on social media sites saying things like “Oh this is so barbaric” and so on..

I mean, Just hold up a minute… have you really actually thought about what your shooting your mouth off about ?? NO! no, you haven’t that much is painfully obviously. 

It’s ok for you to sit in front of your computers, tablet devices, smartphones, eating a steak, writing things like hunting is wrong, whaling is wrong, fishing is wrong, vegies have feelings too…

It’s apparently ok to go get your McDonalds or KFC or whatever fast-food you like, and not give a second thought as to where the ingredients came from, while you bitch and moan about how evil some countries are for breeding dogs for food or slaughtering cows, pigs, frogs and chickens…

You lot, who don’t understand where food comes from, should really use that nice relaxing time in front of the computer, and search it up!

Sorry if that’s a bit harsh, but reality is, hunting for food has been going on since the beginning of time,  it’s how we survived all these years, and if it wasn’t for hunting and fishing and whatnot, likely none of us would be here now. We just simply would not exist.

Only in recent times have our ‘sensibilities’ been a little shaken, because these last few generations of people have become isolated from the real world, isolated from where their beautifully packaged produce in the bright shiny supermarkets actually comes from. 

I grew up in a farming community, I know where my food comes from, my pet sheep tasted damned good. My dad had a hothouse in the back yard and we grew most of our own vegies.

If people really want to make a change in the world, bitching about how undomesticated or barbaric some countries are when it comes to survival isn’t the way to do it.

Take a look at what the world has become today, what your laziness has created.

Nuclear fallout from power plants, built to feel a generation of humans who want more technology more shiny toys, less interaction with the real world.

The more we isolate our kids from the realities of life, the worse this will get.

The more likely it will be that they will not ever know how to care for themselves or survive in the world.

If you want to make a change.. then start in your own back yard (so to speak), plant a garden, grow your own, .. heck, stop buying from the big bright shiny supermarkets where everything looks good and you’ve been dis-associated the realities of where the food that’s kept countless generations of people alive has come from.

Remember, every country has its own unique recourses for food, some countries eat dog, its perfectly normal, some countries eat fish, some eat meat… in the end.. we all have to eat to survive and we are HUNTERS. That’s what the Human species is. …. OMG I ranted. Epic! 🙂


So if you can’t understand that…




Becomes THIS:



Which makes THIS:



To become that which you love so much:

4-Steak Dinner


Then we are all doomed if you just don’t understand.


Reality is outside your door, not inside your gaming console.


“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”
Wayne Dyer



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Mini Adventure–The East Coast Trip


Yes, it’s that time of year again, the beginning of a new year, few days into it and nothing to do other than relax and spend Smile So, I thought I’d go on a little mini-trip to the east coast of NZ. I was last there over 10 years ago, and have wanted to get back for a while…..

My actual plan for the trip was to start at Gisborne,

Map picture

and then end the trip at Opotiki,

Map picture


which basically is basically the east peninsula area (below)

Map picture



And so I started to prep for the trip, and in doing so I thought I’d advertise in the local to see if anyone wanted a ride from Auckland to Gisborne or part there of, and as luck would have it i connected with two gals who were in Rotorua and wanting to get to Gisborne, so that was kool.


So, here we go.. instead of posting countless images and making this blog silly-big.. here’s a trip video instead. Smile

This video is best viewed in HD, full screen Smile

Road Trip – East Coast 2014 01 05 – Mini Adventure Weekend


Some places worthy of note if you ever go adventuring around New Zealand’s East Cape is:


Tolaga Bay – Awesome historic wharf…

Map picture

2014-01-03 09.21.03




East Cape Lighthouse – the most easterly lighthouse in the world
(stupid microsoft bing map useless no info crap) Smile

Map picture

2014-01-03 14.49.49


Well that’s all from me for now… time to actually start getting ready for the new working week, sort some stuff out, dinner, movie, relax.

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