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Did you know that the word shirt,

was created from two different words,

“shit” and “hurt”

it so came to be, when a guy was outside and got sunburnt,

and he said…

“hit that hurt”

and he covered himself

and thus created the



True story bro Smile


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Ugly Fish


From a few weeks ago, had some really good Thai food, called Deep Friend Fish with Chilli… nom nom nom Smile

The fish is a local NZ fish called SNAPPER  <<– (clickable link).

It’ looks ugly as sin, but tastes really good :)… what do you think ?
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ugly fish

The Laughing Fish



So, there I was, …..


See It was all in innocents…


I was hungry


It was a fish.




*looks at fish*



Week Over…

Ok so there we have it, the end of another week.

What am I doing: Listening/watching Namie Amuro

Why am I doing it: cause i want too ?


So Plans for the coming week, I’ll be at work, on call, and no doubt, annoyed with fish.

Why fish…

Really.. why not.!?


Namie Amuro, wants me now ? Oh 🙂

Hawaii – Day 2

Good evening humanites.. 🙂


Well, today started off slow, I met up with a lovely person from blogtv today… LadyJenivie @ (you should catch her show, click on her name, its a link)  the meet was for mid-day, so i managed to get fairly lost… really.. navigational devices are crap.. either that, or I’m lame at driving on the wrong side of the road.. still got to see things i never knew existed 🙂

After the meet, I went for a drive (another way of saying i got lost again) and this is what became..


This is me, driving, and fairly lost…. I seem to do lost really well… *sighs*


Keeping with that theme….

I drove some more….


I went here also…..


FINALLY… I saw a sign…….. a sign… not the sign…



yeah.. I ended up here….

An actual Radio Shack… hardly any radios though… weird that..



I saw one of these…



I had a bite to eat here…


This was the fooding….



I also saw one of these…


and these….


… that fairly much covers all the food groups I can think of 🙂


Then, I went for a drive, and ended up in a place called Helemano Military Reservation…… now, it has to be said at this point, I drove around a little, didnt get out of the car, kept the doors locked and tried to look blendy-inny with the area.. I failed….  I took a few pictures only, to show what the housing was like.. and I was kinda shocked, cause what I saw, really reminded me of what I hate about my hometown, also a very touristy type place, and what effects it has on the local people…

2010_03_11_IMG_1100 2010_03_11_IMG_1101 2010_03_11_IMG_1106 2010_03_11_IMG_11052010_03_11_IMG_11032010_03_11_IMG_1104   


I continued on.. and found pineapples… yerrr  pineapples…..


Yes indeed, but I got there just as they were closing up…. so I’m going to go back another day, its a plantation, and you can go look around and stuff… while inside, I did spot this…

OMG Hello Kitty Marsh Mellows :)  … Im gona have to buy me a few of those later I think :



I Stopped at a local Serv-O for a quick break and found this….


Not quite a Twinky… but close… so very very close….. *drools* they didn’t last long, shortly after that photo was taken, they died a horrible but befitting death  *grins* IN MA TUMMY! 🙂

Anyone know where in Honolulu I can get real TWINKYS from ? 🙂


I kept going, and ended up in a place called the North Shore , where I sampled some of the worlds most EXPENSIVE fish and chips…. at this place..


Costed me $17USD for 1 bit of icky fish, some fries, and a Root beer… Oh well…

After that, I droved home, only stopping in traffic for a moment to snap this fairly useless picture of a building…



Well, that was it for today…


Nite Nite humanites 🙂


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Sambal Chilli – Only the best will do.

Yes, I love sambal chilli.

Sambal with Anchovies

Sambal with Anchovies

If you don’t know what it is, here’s a link:  Sambal Chilli on Wiki

I swear, if I could live on chilli alone, that would be it.

HOT, Yes, as it should be.

Only one minor, small, little problem……

have too much, and the next day….

well… let’s just say, I think Elvis knows 🙂

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