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Dead Birds and some Music…..

I dunno…


Dead Birds.
Short with a Canon
Mutilated by Picasa

In all, fun 🙂


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D.I.G (directions in groove) Awesome Jazz band from Australia.

DIG Directions In Groove–Hip Replacement (Australian)

Saturday Adventure

Hi there, I went for a fairly random 600km drive today, I don’t know why, other than I wanted to get away from the city…


Mostly pointless, and took lots of photos.. of which here are 4.


Yep I know.. only 4 ?????


Yeah, and there’s a very good reason…




Car_dead_2010_09_18_IMG_1383 Old_house_1_2010_09_18_IMG_1397 old_house_2_2010_09_18_IMG_1380 Tree_tired_2010_09_18_IMG_1385

? What ?

I didn’t find you behind the door, or the couch, the fridge or the bed.

If I was to say, ‘maybe I’m losing my mind’ I’d be wrong.


Because I didn’t find you in those places, means I must have disposed of you properly.


How come then, I can never get you out of my mind ?

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