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BBC News: Sexual harassment: More stars facing accusations

Sexual harassment: More stars facing accusations –

Step right up… step right up folks… get yourself a seat on the bandwagon …. fresh seats available ..

BBC News: French girl mutilated by rats in night attack at home

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

French girl mutilated by rats in night attack at home –


A beautiful conversation

As I sit at my favourite cafe on a lazy Sunday morning, I enjoy a humble breakfast (my diet cheat day) and the quiet surroundings and soft jazz music that lightly caresses my lobes in the background.

Forward of my table sits a mother and daughter.. Both lost deeply in conversation about this or that.. No doubt sharing their viewpoints on the days events or the week gone by.

Gracefully embracing the moment and withholding any obvious outburst of emotion.

That’s them there ( see image above ) forward and to either extreme of my delightfully empty breakfast plate ….

Obviously engulfed in deep conversations..

With someone else lol.

I’ve been sat here for about 45 minutes, they were here when I arrived and I suspect i might leave with them still fully intact in their original upright oblivious-to-eachother positions.

To my direct right sit a couple (an ex couple I discover via their somewhat short tort and demeaning obsverations of each other’s downfalls and features) discussing how they should dispose of mutual belongings and their dog….

I occasionally glance over at them hoping they wi’ll notice me looking at them with my “will you two kindly quieten down or GTFO” glare in my eyes … but no.. so that conversation in futility continues through who the dog likes better and whom has the shittier cloths…

To my left, I delight in a small group of happy sounding people yabbering away with laughter in whatever language they speak.. sounds pretty though.. wish I could understand it .. wonder what their lives are like.. what adventures they have been on or things they’ve seen or food they’ve eaten .. Yea.. it always comes back to food lol.

Wait! Omg! Mother and daughter have just left! What voodoo magic is this .. I didn’t even notice.. maybe they have stealth mode enabled …

Doesn’t matter though because a seriously attractive lady just too their table .. possibly a backpacker by the looks and defiantly foreign.. wonder where she’s from… if she’s waiting for anyone.. I glance up a few times only to see her, like the previous tenants of that table, also deeply lost in conversation with a digital someone … or something .. ah well…

I glance up again to see that she’s ordered a chocolate shake and a very yummy looking cookie… lucky cookie… Lol…. bugger me… lucky straw ….. yeeks …. I must look elsewhere …..

A jogger just went past… nice legs….

This must mean it’s time for me to give up my seat to the next visitor of this fine establishment .

Have a lovely Sunday my bearded beauties and aked faced hotties alike.

Live Natural – Live Fee.

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BBC News: America’s Cup: New Zealand beat Team USA to win title

America’s Cup: New Zealand beat Team USA to win title –

Del here we go again, just wondering how many court appeals and holdup there will be before the Americans finally admit they suck and lost fairly lol.

Hahahaha oh well, another day 🙂

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BBC News: Drug that creates a ‘real sun-tan’ could prevent cancer

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Drug that creates a ‘real sun-tan’ could prevent cancer –

Actually ,,, under the picture of the not unattractive redhead it says,,   ” allows a ginger tan  ” , well done BBC, well done lol 

BBC News: Claims GCHQ wiretapped Trump ‘nonsense’ – NSA’s Ledgett

Claims GCHQ wiretapped Trump ‘nonsense’ – NSA’s Ledgett –

I wonder if people have forgotten that this actually does go on..

The Five Eyes countries spy on each other and then “sell that information back to each other because for the most part a country isn’t really allows to spy on its own citizens
I mention this one in particular because it’s still fresh for New Zealand.. 

A few years back our previous prime minister ( John Key ) was accused of manipulating the arrest of a German citizen living as a resident in NZ called Kim Dot Com (no I’m not kidding that’s his name now lol) under the guise and guidance of the Americans. . 

In brief KDC is Americans caused of piracy as he owned a site called Mega Upload    a file sharing site.

anyways .. There was a released video of a meeting between KDC and our previous prime minister as a representative of the government at that time.. where KDC had bought up the Five Eyes spy network.. and what it was used for … and the then prime minister acknowledged it’s existence and I believe also what and how it was used. 

I think the article is still on YouTube   and worth a look if your interested ..

 More to come 🙂

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