Hawaii – Day 2

Good evening humanites.. 🙂


Well, today started off slow, I met up with a lovely person from blogtv today… LadyJenivie @ BlogTV.com (you should catch her show, click on her name, its a link)  the meet was for mid-day, so i managed to get fairly lost… really.. navigational devices are crap.. either that, or I’m lame at driving on the wrong side of the road.. still got to see things i never knew existed 🙂

After the meet, I went for a drive (another way of saying i got lost again) and this is what became..


This is me, driving, and fairly lost…. I seem to do lost really well… *sighs*


Keeping with that theme….

I drove some more….


I went here also…..


FINALLY… I saw a sign…….. a sign… not the sign…



yeah.. I ended up here….

An actual Radio Shack… hardly any radios though… weird that..



I saw one of these…



I had a bite to eat here…


This was the fooding….



I also saw one of these…


and these….


… that fairly much covers all the food groups I can think of 🙂


Then, I went for a drive, and ended up in a place called Helemano Military Reservation…… now, it has to be said at this point, I drove around a little, didnt get out of the car, kept the doors locked and tried to look blendy-inny with the area.. I failed….  I took a few pictures only, to show what the housing was like.. and I was kinda shocked, cause what I saw, really reminded me of what I hate about my hometown, also a very touristy type place, and what effects it has on the local people…

2010_03_11_IMG_1100 2010_03_11_IMG_1101 2010_03_11_IMG_1106 2010_03_11_IMG_11052010_03_11_IMG_11032010_03_11_IMG_1104   


I continued on.. and found pineapples… yerrr  pineapples…..


Yes indeed, but I got there just as they were closing up…. so I’m going to go back another day, its a plantation, and you can go look around and stuff… while inside, I did spot this…

OMG Hello Kitty Marsh Mellows :)  … Im gona have to buy me a few of those later I think :



I Stopped at a local Serv-O for a quick break and found this….


Not quite a Twinky… but close… so very very close….. *drools* they didn’t last long, shortly after that photo was taken, they died a horrible but befitting death  *grins* IN MA TUMMY! 🙂

Anyone know where in Honolulu I can get real TWINKYS from ? 🙂


I kept going, and ended up in a place called the North Shore , where I sampled some of the worlds most EXPENSIVE fish and chips…. at this place..


Costed me $17USD for 1 bit of icky fish, some fries, and a Root beer… Oh well…

After that, I droved home, only stopping in traffic for a moment to snap this fairly useless picture of a building…



Well, that was it for today…


Nite Nite humanites 🙂


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