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Entertainment – Movies I’ve seen recently


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Hello my little happy bunnies, here’s a few movies I’ve been watching lately.

They are in native languages, and require subtitles, unless you understand Japanese and Korean, then no problem.


There are in no particular order… just good fun interesting and somewhat twisted movies LOL

IMDB link first, then my thoughts, then (if available) a link to the trailer on YT.


I’d love to hear what you thought of the movies if you watch any, please feel free to sign up (its free and there’s no spam) and leave a comment or fifty 😛 share the love.. share this blog 🙂


0.5mm – AKA 0.5 miri – Japan

Loved this movie for so many reasons.. it’s insane, funny, sad and loveable, and so much more, it takes us on a  journey with the main character who’s life gets turned upside-down because of a simple request by one of her clients… and needless to say, it sets up a journey of  exploration of the self, and how we might survive if we had to.



Departures – 2008 – Japan

This beautifully crafted movie is more chilled and easy paced and is based around a man who loses his dream job of playing cello in an orchestra, left at a loss for what to do with this life, he and his wife move back to his hometown, where they both run into unexpected people and the growth of a new life.

It does touch on an interesting aspect of life that I guess most of us never contemplate… I’ll let you watch and find out for yourself.

This is a beautiful movie, and I do highly recommend it 🙂



100 yen Love – Japan

I’m not exactly sure about this one, mostly cause the core subject of the movie doesn’t interest me.. but hey… it’s about a woman who still lives at home with her parents, and is a no-hoper, who’m eventually finds an interest in Boxing….. Going to leave it there… lol, worth a watch if you’re really bored…




I’m a cyborg, but that’s Ok – Korea

This one had me in fits of laughter , i guess because I totally feel for the main leads, and can understand the need for escapism .. I’m going to leave it here, because you need to explore this beautifully crafted romantic-comedy for your selves 😛



Himizu AKA Themus – Japan

I’m actually watching this now as I write this post, and I’m about half way through.. and shit, i’m really not sure what to make of it, honestly i think it shows a part of life and family that exists but no one ever talks about, especially bought to light in the wake of the Tsunami (which the movie is set .. well.. just after..) … this is a bit disturbing, but I guess, Once Were Worriers was also.. meh..



Cold Fish – Japan

Another typical Sion Sono movie, and OMG it doesn’t fail to bring home the goods lol, this one, I really recommend you don’t eat beforehand and keep the kiddies away… It’s a blast.. it’s sick, twisted and just mental! love it! 🙂



Norikos Dinner Table – Noriko no shokutaku – Japan

Yea, you guessed it, another Sion Sono movie lol, what can I say, I am enjoying these way too much LOL – this one did well at various film festivals and is basically about a girl who runs away from home because she is bored with her mundane humdrum life, .. she runs off to the big city (Tokyo) to meet up with some others she met on a BBS.. and boy, it gets weird from there …. This movie makes a lot of references to another Sion Sono movie called Suicide Circle which I watched a few years back… I believe it was based on a true story about a group of young school girls who all jumped in front of a train… who knows… it was fun! 🙂




That’s it my little bunnies… I hope some or all of these movies appeal to you, you sick twisted bunch of lovely humans 🙂
Have a great week 🙂






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Hawaii – Day 2

Good evening humanites.. 🙂


Well, today started off slow, I met up with a lovely person from blogtv today… LadyJenivie @ (you should catch her show, click on her name, its a link)  the meet was for mid-day, so i managed to get fairly lost… really.. navigational devices are crap.. either that, or I’m lame at driving on the wrong side of the road.. still got to see things i never knew existed 🙂

After the meet, I went for a drive (another way of saying i got lost again) and this is what became..


This is me, driving, and fairly lost…. I seem to do lost really well… *sighs*


Keeping with that theme….

I drove some more….


I went here also…..


FINALLY… I saw a sign…….. a sign… not the sign…



yeah.. I ended up here….

An actual Radio Shack… hardly any radios though… weird that..



I saw one of these…



I had a bite to eat here…


This was the fooding….



I also saw one of these…


and these….


… that fairly much covers all the food groups I can think of 🙂


Then, I went for a drive, and ended up in a place called Helemano Military Reservation…… now, it has to be said at this point, I drove around a little, didnt get out of the car, kept the doors locked and tried to look blendy-inny with the area.. I failed….  I took a few pictures only, to show what the housing was like.. and I was kinda shocked, cause what I saw, really reminded me of what I hate about my hometown, also a very touristy type place, and what effects it has on the local people…

2010_03_11_IMG_1100 2010_03_11_IMG_1101 2010_03_11_IMG_1106 2010_03_11_IMG_11052010_03_11_IMG_11032010_03_11_IMG_1104   


I continued on.. and found pineapples… yerrr  pineapples…..


Yes indeed, but I got there just as they were closing up…. so I’m going to go back another day, its a plantation, and you can go look around and stuff… while inside, I did spot this…

OMG Hello Kitty Marsh Mellows :)  … Im gona have to buy me a few of those later I think :



I Stopped at a local Serv-O for a quick break and found this….


Not quite a Twinky… but close… so very very close….. *drools* they didn’t last long, shortly after that photo was taken, they died a horrible but befitting death  *grins* IN MA TUMMY! 🙂

Anyone know where in Honolulu I can get real TWINKYS from ? 🙂


I kept going, and ended up in a place called the North Shore , where I sampled some of the worlds most EXPENSIVE fish and chips…. at this place..


Costed me $17USD for 1 bit of icky fish, some fries, and a Root beer… Oh well…

After that, I droved home, only stopping in traffic for a moment to snap this fairly useless picture of a building…



Well, that was it for today…


Nite Nite humanites 🙂


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