Hawaii – Day 1 – part 1

so, depending on how I feel, there may not be a part 2…


Got up late, felt so lazy, so I was up and about at about 8am local time.. that’s late i guess ?

got kitted up and took my self and my camera for a walk along Waikiki beach… here’s some random photos and some blurb to go along with it.


This old girl apparently is someone special.. I didn’t pay much attention 🙂



The walkway along Waikiki beach is fairly much like this, its nice and clean and tidy with……..



Yep, you guessed it, HOOKERS… after she asked me if I was interested, and I politely gave her directions to where she should go… I snapped a pic of her skanky ass 🙂



Star Bucks , at the beach, and notice to the bottom right there is a guy sleeping just under a tree… he’s homeless… and there is a LOT of this around… further along is a public park/ground with what’s litteraly a camp of tents and stuff set up where they live.. I’ll remember to snap shots of it later…




Here are some general random pictures looking up and down Waikiki beach… its a beach, and really not that special, to be honest. but it is nice, and there are some fine fine girls around…. well, I’m allowed to look 🙂

2010_03_10_IMG_1023 2010_03_10_IMG_1024   2010_03_10_IMG_1027 2010_03_10_IMG_1028  2010_03_10_IMG_1030 2010_03_10_IMG_1031 2010_03_10_IMG_1032 2010_03_10_IMG_1033 2010_03_10_IMG_1034 2010_03_10_IMG_1035 2010_03_10_IMG_1036

This last image, is some random trees 🙂


Next I went to the Aquearium thingie, it was neat, here’s only a couple of pictures…

2010_03_10_IMG_1039 2010_03_10_IMG_1042 2010_03_10_IMG_1045 2010_03_10_IMG_1047


After seeing fish.. I decided it was FOODING time… and went to a place called Cheeseb
urgers in Paradise and lordy or lordy, YUMMIE….  if you ever goto Honolulu you HAVE To go to Cheeseburgers in Paradise 🙂 … personally, i’ve always been a cheesebuger slut 🙂

Cheeseburgers in paradise


Further along….

I saw a UGG shop.. and what got me was … it was branded UGG Austrailia… now I just had to pop in and ask the staff what was up with the name, as I know there was a big battle with some USA company and an Austrailian crowd fighting over the copyright of the UGG name…guess they sorted it out… and the stop staff were wicked nice people.. I mean.. really really nice people, I’m glad, really, that I popped in there, its rare to meet genunally nice people these days who take a little time to shoot the breeze with you… 🙂 Thanks Guys 🙂 Big UPs 🙂



Walking around, I saw this dude, who kindly let me take a photo of him.. unemployed and asking for donations, I read the sign and just burst out laughing, this dude has style, and he was a really nice person to chat with also… :)…. read the sign 🙂 .. yeah i have him a $20 🙂



Then there was this guy…. weirdly enuff, he was there a few hours later when I walked passed again…. just chillin..



Just down a bit there’s like a farmers market setup, I went for a walk though and a general perv. The girl in the second picture was selling some twerly things, but what was interesting is that her and her workmate both spoke very good Japanese and everytime Japanese tourists came by they would rush up to them chattering away and get them to buy these things… the girlie was cute, so picture had to be taken 🙂

2010_03_10_IMG_1064 2010_03_10_IMG_1063 

This shop really appealed to me 🙂 can you work out why ? 🙂


more market stuff….

 2010_03_10_IMG_1066 2010_03_10_IMG_1068


This lady was kind enough to let me shoot her, here, she works for a company that lets you shoot real guns at a range, now, not really an issue i guess for those that are into guns, I was just a little supprised to see how open americans are about them.. saw plenty of police also, armed with both a gun and a a tazer.. interesting…



Totally GUTTED… NOT Hawaii Five-0 … 😦 ah well…


Heading back home, was this cute little village setup… just took one photo…


And another homeless person….


All in all, a good day was had, feet hurt, I smell (shower time) and was well fooded both in the tummy and the eyes 🙂 LOL

10 More days of this.. Ahh… YEP 🙂


*waves aloha*

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  1. rabsoft on

    So where’s all the pictures of the girlies 🙂


  2. admin on

    They saw me comming and ran for the hills… 😦


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