Hawaii – Arrival and Food

Well, I had a lot of fun, firstly let me say, US Customs sucks.. 🙂 their computer network crashed and there was a lot of unhappy people just standing about waiting for hell to freeze over, which it eventually did 🙂

Got my rental car from Hertz, yes there’s a reason they call it HURTS. Anyways, my very first time driving on the wrong side of the road, at night, on the freeway, (shitting myself big-time) with my navigational unit from new Zealand telling me it didn’t know where I was, even though it was showing me directions on the map… weird.. weird…

I gets to my hotel room.. YAY, here’s what it looks like…. it’s small.. btw.

IMG_3530 IMG_3531

It’s defiantly a “single” room, but hey, there’s just me and I’m ok with that. Its on the 17th floor with really nice views.. BTW did you know there’s no 13th floor ?? what’s up with that ? weird….

The view…


IMG_3537 IMG_3538

That’s the view from the balcony where the lift arrives too.. OOOHHH.. nice 🙂


So, after settling in and getting my self sorted, I went FOOD HUNTING….

and low-and-behind, right across the road.. DENNYS!!   YES!!!!   I munch at Denny’s back home fairly often, so now was my chance, my first food in a real Denny’s on American soil…

I took sneaky photos with my cell phone, i don’t think they were too impressed, but being a human faking a z3bra, i had my z3bra courage, so I did it anyway…

Dennys menu 1Dennys kitchenDennys country steak  

Ok I have to say, the Prices are WAY Cheaper then they are back home, the menu is about the same in its contents, give or take a few variations.. and the food.. zillions times better!!!  OMG I had this Country Steak thing… YUMMIE… 🙂

Ummm one thing I don’t get… Tipping ? what’s that all about ?

Anyways, one other odd thing,, the guy that runs this Denny’s.. is from the U.K. LOL hard case 🙂 We chatted for a while, moaning about Americans (kidding). 🙂


Anyways, enough pointless rambling.. I’m off outside for a walk and a stalk 🙂


*waves* Aloha from Hawaii.. bro 🙂

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