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Adventure 2014-2015 – Epic RoadTrip – South Island – NZ – Part 3


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Glenbrook Vintage Trains 2013-01-02

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HI there humans.

Today I felt like being a tourist, and with a bit of a spur of the moment thing happening, I went for a ride on a restored vintage train Smile

Here are some images and a bit of a wobbly video Smile






glenbrook vintage train, auckland, new zealand

Random art…

Well I was wandering around the city today, and saw these two art sets.. the first one was against some old railway tracks, on the back of a few old factories.. looked interesting.. and the second was against a big brick wall, though this is only a small part of the entire wall, which was covered in art… I might go back later at night when the light is more balanced and see what i can get Smile

Auckland, New Zealand Smile




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