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May Madness and Morris Dancers ????

AH so all I wanted to do, was to be up early atop of Mt Eden lookout for some nice sunrise shots… and hey, I got a few lame ones….



2010_05_01_IMG_2400 2010_05_01_IMG_2404


But wait, that’s not all..

When I turned around, these people started showing up….  *confused look on face*


2010_05_01_IMG_2446 2010_05_01_IMG_2447


And then… out of the blue…

* hands to head, screams * NOOOOOO!!!!!!




2010_05_01_IMG_2463 2010_05_01_IMG_2464 2010_05_01_IMG_2473 2010_05_01_IMG_2474




I swear, next time, I’ll get better video 🙂


Enjoy 🙂

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