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A little kiwi for ya


Sometimes, it’s nice to graze upon the memories of old….

and yeah.. i need coffee, this is going to be a long night 🙂


For all my international friends… watch a few of the following videos.. and please don’t judge us by how amazing and awesome we are…

but by how amazing and awesome we are 🙂









Good Night Everyone 🙂 Merry Holidays and a Happy Eggsmess 🙂





IMG 20140101 002401

Maori dislike of Asian immigration deepens

In my opinion. .. those select few Maori who were involved in this poll need to do the following  ( btw not just Maori but anyone who thinks this way) … GET OFF YOUR ELFIN LAZY ARSE STOP EXPECTING THAT YOU ARE OWED HANDOUTS BY THE GOVERNMENT AND GO EARN A LIVING.

What really annoys me is that many people have become so lazy at the hands of the NZ nanny state that they have forgotten about values and work.

Even back when I was at high school.i remember doing the census for the first time and having friends of mine say if they list themselves as natives of NZ (which btw Maori are not) thrn they can get government handouts and not have to work. That was back in the 80s. 

That attitude still exists today.
In all races.. not just Maori. Sadly.

wonder who I have offended ?
You’ll live.. get over yourself. 🙂

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Georgie Pie is back

McDOnalds Sucks, but hey, the have finally done 1 thing right


Georgie Pie!!  <— CLICK THAT


Miho Wada review @

Mihowada - Wanderland - final-cover-446x400


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I am so very happy to see you here again…

It is always nice, when old friends can smile at each other one more time,

and share moments past, creating memories for the future.

cool mist

ahh the misty exaust of my 4×4 first thing in the morning on a cool winters day….. pretty 🙂


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