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Hawaii ā€“ Day 9 (wednesday)

Same as the last two days.


Just having chill time with my friend Jen.

Hawaii ā€“ Day 8 (tuesday)

Same as Day 7 Monday. šŸ™‚

Hawaii ā€“ Street Meat ā€“ YUCK

This is what I see from my hotel lobby.

We have two big security guards all the time.

Iā€™m not supprised.


2010_03_12_IMG_1241 2010_03_12_IMG_1242 2010_03_12_IMG_1243 2010_03_12_IMG_1244 2010_03_12_IMG_1245 2010_03_12_IMG_1246 2010_03_12_IMG_1247 2010_03_12_IMG_1248

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