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as death approaches me,

with its uneasy terms

its purely selfish and private timing…

i dwell upon the depths of my remorse

for those i have not helped

and those i have sinned against

arching backwards casting mesmeric visions

of what greatness’s i have amassed in my time

as the glass lay upon its side, empty, void of the reality

i had imagined it to contain

my life but a sliver of your remembered distance close by

stands the time keepers watch

ticking not unlike falling bricks

laid to create that perfect future

of what lacked though years of regressed hope

no one sees what is happening here

in this little space of contemplation

as death approaches me

with its uneasy pills

its purely selfish and private timing

i cast farewells into the air

disproportionate to requirements

holding hands out for penance

not seeing before me what stands

still in the cold river of winter

she bleeds slower than normal

not tasted upon the tongue

senses dimming

as death approaches me

with its uneasy hand

its purely selfish and private timing



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cool mist

ahh the misty exaust of my 4×4 first thing in the morning on a cool winters day….. pretty 🙂


Music I’m Listening TOoOOOOOoOO….


As we step outside of the door that retains us in a world of confusion and control; blasts of cold air abuse our senses and we drown in the wilderness of new perceptions. Let deaths blood revive you to a new world of sound…




Kanon Wakeshima–Suna No Oshiro


Zwei–Fake Face


Zwei–Pretty Queen


Ryuichi Sakamoto–World Citizen

It’s cold….


Cold cold cold… dang… what’s up with this weird weather… I’m looking out my window and I see fog… LOL, nice, might grab the camera and go exploring 🙂

On the other hand… I might see if i can have lunch with anyone ? or.. alone… *sighs* lol

Need some nice new people to hang out with.. 🙂

Soooo Cold…….

*bbuuuurrrrrrrr*  (shivers and tries to keep warm)…..



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