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Beatnik Asia Vol.3–Kings Arms Tavern, Ak, NZ.

Another round of the awesomeness that is Beatnik Asia.

More great bands showing their skills… and also, I’m super happy to see Super Jellyfish rocking the stage.

I have to apologise now for the poor sound quality, my next spend will be on a halfway decent vide-mic with gain level controls… ahh dreams dreams…

Here are some random images, with videos at the bottom.

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Neko Vicious


Neko Vicious



 S U P E R   J E L L Y F I S H

Super Jellyfish


Super Jellyfish – Ai Original



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Buddha Day Festival

Hi there, Today by accident while going to visit a friend, i noticed the temple was holding a festival… here are some fairly random images and a video link to youtube.

The food was all vegetarian, but that’s kool, had some bubbletea… nice 🙂 and watched some shows and stuff… 🙂

2010_04_11_IMG_2081 2010_04_11_IMG_2084 2010_04_11_IMG_2085 2010_04_11_IMG_2090


2010_04_11_IMG_2100 2010_04_11_IMG_2101 2010_04_11_IMG_2107 2010_04_11_IMG_2114 2010_04_11_IMG_2122 2010_04_11_IMG_2127 2010_04_11_IMG_2128 2010_04_11_IMG_2131 2010_04_11_IMG_2133 2010_04_11_IMG_2136


Well that was my accidental adventure… I really should plan these a bit better 🙂

Toddles 🙂

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