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Buddha Day Festival

Hi there, Today by accident while going to visit a friend, i noticed the temple was holding a festival… here are some fairly random images and a video link to youtube.

The food was all vegetarian, but that’s kool, had some bubbletea… nice 🙂 and watched some shows and stuff… 🙂

2010_04_11_IMG_2081 2010_04_11_IMG_2084 2010_04_11_IMG_2085 2010_04_11_IMG_2090


2010_04_11_IMG_2100 2010_04_11_IMG_2101 2010_04_11_IMG_2107 2010_04_11_IMG_2114 2010_04_11_IMG_2122 2010_04_11_IMG_2127 2010_04_11_IMG_2128 2010_04_11_IMG_2131 2010_04_11_IMG_2133 2010_04_11_IMG_2136


Well that was my accidental adventure… I really should plan these a bit better 🙂

Toddles 🙂

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