Hawaii – Day 4 – Pearl Harbour Tour

6am… OH god this should be illegal.

AH so here we are.. another bright and lovely day in Honolulu, and I’m off on a day tour of…. yes you guess it.. pearl harbour…


So, got picked up at 6:15am, and we headed out (tour bus) to the site… the bus driver was totally kool and funny, told us some interesting facts about pearl harbour, and various bits and peaces…

When we got there, we were not allowed to take bags and cases and stuff like that.. guess they are still a little jumpy about 9-11.. anyways, so we go there and had a look around, its quite impressive, and to be fair, I’m only going to post a few pictures… in all honesty, go and see it.


This is like the entry / display area..



Saw some things that go BANG…



We saw a sardine can that goes under water…



Saw a big thing that holds boats in the water….



And went out to the Monument for the Arizona


Saw a flag….


By the way, this is weird, but the actual monument is build over the remains of the USS Arizona or whatever it was, and you get to it by ferry boat, and you only have 8 minutes there, and I do mean only 8 minutes, then they shuttle you away again.. meh. in fairness though, 8 minutes was about 7 minutes too long. 🙂

But worth seeing.


and then… we go back on the bus and headed towards a big kickass boat thing..


This was what I wanted to see 🙂

Only a few pictures here, though I took heaps, again, go see it, its totally worth it. The smell of the boat alone is kickass.

Interesting side note though, this thing was built in the mid- 1940’s put out of service in the 70’s or something, and re-commissioned in the 80’s and serviced in the Gulf War. The interesting thing is, that the technology for the guns on board was 1940s analogue computing, and they were fairly damn accurate. according to the tour guide, he said the reason its left that way is because normal computers cant stand the movement of the boats too well, so mechanical computing works.

Another interesting note, though the boat has been officially retired in the 80’s.. it is still fully functional, and can still be put into service.


 2010_03_13_IMG_1286 2010_03_13_IMG_1287 2010_03_13_IMG_12922010_03_13_IMG_1288 2010_03_13_IMG_1289 2010_03_13_IMG_1290

These bottom two images are a marker of where the table stood when Japan surrendered to the USA on the boat.


Now, lets stop here for a moment, I have something to say about the next image.

Growing up in New Zealand, we learnt about the war and what not.. but we were always sort of told that Japan never really bothered with us, we know the US based marines here and all that stuff… but that’s sort of as far as it went, now, not long before coming over on my holiday, I found out (true or not I can’t say) that Japan had a few Subs in our waters ….this leads me to this… picture of the signed Surrender Treaty, housed on the boat.

Read the very bottom line.2010_03_13_IMG_1291

Enough Said.


These old girls control the Tomahawks



This is where the Captain does his thing..



And this is where the crew sleeps…


Now I walked in-between these bunks… and although the boat is damn big, there is just enough room for one person at a time to walk between them.

Room is tight.

That is for sure 🙂


Anyways, after that we left 🙂


We saw this… from the movie pearl harbour..



After the tour, I went back to the Pacific Cultural Centre…

I saw a few of the displays/shows and it was totally worth it… very informative and great fun for everyone…. 🙂


New Zealand Represent! 🙂



Tonga in da house.

 2010_03_13_IMG_1356  2010_03_13_IMG_13652010_03_13_IMG_1358   2010_03_13_IMG_1361 2010_03_13_IMG_1362 


2010_03_13_IMG_1378 2010_03_13_IMG_1374 2010_03_13_IMG_1376


And.. some other stuff…

2010_03_13_IMG_1387 2010_03_13_IMG_1389 2010_03_13_IMG_1390 2010_03_13_IMG_1391 2010_03_13_IMG_1385 2010_03_13_IMG_1386

Fairly much after that, i was tired and went home.



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