Hawaii – Day 5 – Festival

Today was the 16th Annual Hawaiian Pacific Festival.

I caught parts of it, while being totally in awe of the size of their main shopping centre…. and I mean.. DAMN ITS BIG.


Anyways, I’m fairly tired, so here are some random images from the festival.

Tomorrow (sunday) will be a no blog day, as I’m having some time out and spending the day with a friend.


2010_03_14_IMG_1517 2010_03_14_IMG_1401 2010_03_14_IMG_1404 2010_03_14_IMG_1405 2010_03_14_IMG_1410 2010_03_14_IMG_1412 2010_03_14_IMG_1421 2010_03_14_IMG_1423 2010_03_14_IMG_1424 2010_03_14_IMG_1425 2010_03_14_IMG_1430 2010_03_14_IMG_1432 2010_03_14_IMG_1436 2010_03_14_IMG_1439 2010_03_14_IMG_1448 2010_03_14_IMG_1459 2010_03_14_IMG_1466 2010_03_14_IMG_1471 2010_03_14_IMG_1494 2010_03_14_IMG_1510

Good night 🙂

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