Hawaii – Day 6

Hi, I wasn’t really gona post today, but I did go to one place, so here’s a preview.


Woke up and went to a place where dead people are…..



This is sorta a memorial place, but also still an active cemetery.

They had a little like..information thing, so I went in and saw this picture, this dude was one of the people that died in the space shuttle challenger accident when it went poof… he’s buried here..


for your reference, here’s a still from the shuttle challenger accident….

This is a link to YouTube.

Moving along, there’s a big monument thingie….


And.. inside, well to the left and right (where the flags are) there’s a big display about the war and what happened and all that. Also to the left and right are big walls with the names of the fallen.

Very interesting place to visit, very peaceful.

Up top to the left (out of shot) is a massive bunker built during the war, for people to hide in and be protected… it was closed off so unable to in, which sucked, but i got a few little pictures…

I took these from the gate you can see in the second picture.

2010_03_15_IMG_1607 2010_03_15_IMG_1608  2010_03_15_IMG_1609 2010_03_15_IMG_1611 2010_03_15_IMG_1613


After that, i left ….

I saw one of these…


There endith the sight seeing for the day.


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