Hawaii – Day 3

Ah, today was a nice relaxing day, just drove around the island that I’m on, saw things, went to places… see below as usual.

Tomorrow though, I’m off on a group tour to see Pearl Harbour and that stuff… hated the movie, so hopefully this will be better 🙂


Started the trip off here… back at DOLE..


They have really REALLY big FISH…


And.. Pineapple plants….


and old machines


and red dirt….


and more plant things


and this…




and more stuff like that, which explains why I got bored.

Had a light lunch of a fairly average hotdog and some Pineapple Ice-cream

with pineapple chunks 🙂 yummier 🙂


and then I drove some more… and saw water….


and…..more water….



Now, I have to point out that by this stage, I was fairly well lost,

so forgive me if I don’t mention where I am, because I haven’t a bloody clue 🙂


And.. I saw one of these…



And so I drove some more….

and found a few of these….

2010_03_12_IMG_1177 2010_03_12_IMG_1170

continuing on….

This is the view of some random beach from what I can gather, somewhere on the north shore… same place I took the above photos from..



And then, in the middle of nowhere…..


A Mormon temple.

WOW, it was actually very impressive, and this totally HOT little Russian girl came out dressed in her moron gown and started talking to me, and i was totally captivated by her ample charms that I didn’t notice that she was trying to convince me to become a moron.. oops.. Mormon… but I used my adorable Pagan charms on her and escaped after much perving and her cuteness ….

How come all the cute ones are either “giving them selves” to some random gods or going out with pigass ugly guys ?

Ah well….



OUT of the BLUE….




TWINKIES!!!!!   **Crazy dance around the room**  I FOUND TWINKIES!!!!!!!!!!


It’s been over 25 years sin
ce I last had a Twinkie… All i had was memories of what I thought they tasted like… and I bought 4 packets, and scoffed them all… felt a bit sick after.. so washed the sickness away with a bottle of Coke…


*sighs* think i gained a bit of weight…:)

*bows to the greatness that is Twinkie*


Carrying on after feeling sick and queasy…

I saw this old ruins from which i gather used to be some old sugar mill that died in the late 18’00s….

2010_03_12_IMG_1218 2010_03_12_IMG_1221 2010_03_12_IMG_1212 2010_03_12_IMG_1215


By this time, things were getting dark, so I packed my Twinkied-out tummy back in the car and headed home… 🙂






Twinkie heaven… god, that sounds like some sick porno… 😉

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