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Miho Wada, Dread Pirates, Landy n Co @ Portland Public House–15-06-2013

miho and flute



HI Folks..

Well, where to start.. Miho Wada’s MJO had another EPIC gig last night at the Portland Public House in Auckland, and it was PACKED and then some.

I swear I was going get video of the whole night, but after two songs from the first band – Dread Pirates – the place got so packed I wasn’t able to get anything.. and I mean, people were literally, 4 feet from the band… ah well, I did get two songs from the opening band Dread Pirates (see below) they were totally awesome, and that’s all, alas, venue was just too small, but it rocked.

Dread Pirates were up as the opening act
Miho Wada’s MJO were the main act
Landy & Co as the closing act.

Three very different bands, all three awesome!

To those who made, it, Thanks and hope you had just as an amazing time as I did.

To those who weren’t able to make it.. dudes.. next time!! come on! Smile 

IMAGES – (video’s below)




Dread Pirates


Dread Pirates


Landy & Co also played, but I wasn’t able to get any video, so here’s a clip from

Landy & Co


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