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The past calls







Finding moments of remembrance in a busy life


Sometimes, we skip too much the basics of life.

I remember, growing up, how I loved listening to musicians music, how it inspired me to grow as a musician, and also, how it somehow deflated me also, watching those amazingly talented people and thinking.. wow I’ll never play like that… but you know.. it’s not about playing like them, it’s about playing like yourself, about being yourself, about stopping, and looking around you at all the greatness that is around is every day, ….


because, if it wasn’t for that stone in your shoe…. Smile 

(arrgghh, hate my old poetry) lol

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AL Jarreau–Boogie down


Al Jarreau–Take Five


Grover Washington Jr–Just the two of us



Luther Vandross–Never Too Much


Quincy Jones, Leon Ware, Al Jarreau, Minnie Ripperton–If I ever


Minnie Ripperton–Loving You


James Taylor–Fire and Rain



Be good to each-other.



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