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A little kiwi for ya


Sometimes, it’s nice to graze upon the memories of old….

and yeah.. i need coffee, this is going to be a long night 🙂


For all my international friends… watch a few of the following videos.. and please don’t judge us by how amazing and awesome we are…

but by how amazing and awesome we are 🙂









Good Night Everyone 🙂 Merry Holidays and a Happy Eggsmess 🙂





IMG 20140101 002401

R’amen! Woman wears colander for licence photo

Yes indeed… A news worthy article.

Hope your day has started out as joyfully as mine.

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Risks in resurrecting ancient viruses from poo

I wonder if Big Pharmaceutical is looking for more ways to generate income again…. oh you know.. not saying they’d never done that in the past… lol but who knows…

Still.. A poo virus ? Makes ya wonder. 


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Xiaorishu – A youtube sensation !! :)


My peoples! Smile

Just want to link you all in to this lovely persons YOUTUBE

She’s sooooo funny and stuff, and you really wanna watch and get addicted to her videos Smile YAY




Xiaorishu other stuff…






Spread the good Jam, it’s good for your smile Smile

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