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Good Saturday Morning

Well hello muffins… it’s Saturday the 23rd of almost that annoying day in December again …. meh.

The world has been somewhat interesting these last few months..

Bitcoin sores into orbit then comes crashing back down

Japan reports it’s lowest birthrate ever this year at just over 930,000 something

Some kpop singer takes his life and the world is shocked..

Social Media continues to turn once sensible people into walking morons

This generation are in for a shock when they realise they can’t live on the internet

And I’ve been abducted by two of the nicest Cosplayers ever..

Ok.. not really abducted.. but that did sound cool 😁 we have a shoot later today so am looking forward to that and testing my ability to remain sane and coherent in this weird heat.

Summer has come early.. no doubt going to be a hot one.

I’m off to L.A in Feb next year for a short but well needed holiday.. first holiday in about 3 years, so looking forward to that .. I’ve thought about this and .. excluding a week off over Xmas holidays (now) I’ve had 1 official day off this year.. only 5 days off in March 2016 and most of January 2015 off.

That’s not good.. not good at all when I look back and see the self inflicted damage that has done to my health and clarity of mind.

Speaking of clarity…

Go watch that – Team Purple..

Breakfast time then shoot prep.

Have a safe and happy holidays everyone. 😁

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Hawaii 2013 – Day 4 – Faffing about

Good morning peeps.
Day 4, and what is basicly my last day here. I fly out tomorrow morning. Aww I’m going to miss this weird place.

This is what I see first thing in the morning
A group of men chasing each other around the pool… yea.. dunno lol

Anyhooters today’s adventures ..

I’m going in a real submarine to perv at fishes and stuff…





Anyhooters that’s the sub thing.. color spectrum all messed up cause of the water density so … yarr me farty mates yarr

Ok a quick lunch at Denny’s and then onto the next one..

I’ve slightly miscalculated my time so have to shoot through a few bits fast as I can to make my checklist happy so won’t be posting everything here .. but mostly will. Lol

Diamond Head State Park..thing..


Half way…

2/3rd of the way..

Then…up those

Through this…

Up them…

Even monks like the view..



The end.

The rest is personal stuff I need to do.

Thanks for joining me on my Hawaii 2013 trip. Now it’s your turn.

Link me and this blog. 🙂

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Hawaii 2013 – Day 3


Note: if some images are small.. Click on them to view larger. For some reason WordPress app is messing up the thumbnails ..

Yawns… good morning humanoids it’s a stunning Monday morning here in Honolulu and a public holiday. . VA day I think they refer to it as. 

Any hoo going to hunt down breakfast and then go exploring. 



Walked a bit more on the beach just to see what’s the what’s. .




Well that’s enough of that.. time for lunch.. Ah ha.. lunch.. at…




… and that concludes the first half of today. . Head in back to the hotel for a shower and then off for afternoon adventuring 🙂

…..later in the afternoon….

Well had me a rest and cleanup and got the car and went random.

Didn’t actually have a destination in mind but ended up at the Temple Village.. of which there were a few temples and a small village..


Ok so mostly it was a Japanese temple…


So then I carried on.down whatever random road I was on and saw this old ruin..

It was old and ruined.

Any hoo I carried on with a peckish feeling in my tummy.. and I found this place…

And oh my god… I had a garlic shrimp with salad on rice.. it was Devine. …..

Had a chat with Sham, the owner.. very chill dude… was kool to know he has relations living in NZ. Small world eh. 🙂

If you’re ever in Hawaii on Oahu .. go to that place… The address is:
56-565 Kamehameha Kahuku.

So that about ended the photos.. it was dark by the time I was ready to hit the road.. so I ended up driving to the North Shore and then cut back through the middle of the island back to Honolulu.

Freshened up and now I’m going to go for a night walk though to waikiki and the strip and see what’s buzzing.







Good night.

Tomorrow I’m going on a submarine tour so that should be fun. Tune in tomorrow night for another update.

Hawaii 2013 – day 2 – jens birthday


Yea yeo, good morning.. today there’s an 80 percent chance of rain… uumm sure sure but hey.. it might do.

Passing through the lobby of my hotel I notice this couple. .
I guess some people can sleep anywhere..even at a sunny beach .. lol

And as I walk outside.. lol.. it rains :p

Going to jens all day today for her birthday today.

Jenivie loves pineapples and celebration of that.. there’s a picture of a dole pineapple truck.

I’ll be adventuring around on the following two days.

Expecting to go to temple village including temples and some other spots.. will see what the weather gods allow.

Did some quick cloths shopping.. bought some v neck shirts like $15.00 100pct cotton.. serious.. good quality.. can’t get them for twice the price back
home.. 🙂

Hawaii 2013 – day 1

Ah yeppie.. Ok well day one is actually the same day I left Auckland lol.. left Saturday night.. 10 hours later I get to Hawaii on Saturday morning.. yea .. weird.

Didn’t sleep on the flight really.. see previous entry.

So landed.. got my car.. fun car.. couldn’t work out how to start it lol sad eh.. One of those keyless things.. eventually need to have foot on break before the pushy button thing works. Adventure started.

Checked into hotel.. nice. Got upgraded.. nicer.

Then went off to visit my bestie jen.

Something I did that was the stupid. . I upgraded the maps on my Gps before I left home.. n guess what.. yea. Different routes now to jens place.. aarrgghh so annoying lol..

Any how’s. . Got.there sadly.  Visited for a few hours and left because I was absolutely shattered from the flight.. got back to hotel and crashed out.

Just woke up. It’s. Now about 11:30 pm.

It’s raining hard out. .oh well at least it’s warm.


I’m across the road at an actual Dennys for a very late dinner.



Nachoes 🙂



And all that only cost 11.00 crazy eh..

See how the weather holds.. might go.for a wee walk after.. otherwise back to bed.

Jens birthday tomorrow, so I’ll be there for most of tomorrow.  If it’s not raining in the morning I might quickly pop into a shop in grab a few tee shirts as I didn’t grab much from home.

Good night 🙂

Hawaii 2013 – on my way there

Flight – Hawaiian airlines from Auckland to Honolulu overnight.

Ah the joy. 20 minutes late to board with 3 false calls.. lol this should be fun.
Inside the craft.. Bowing A330 I think.

Nice plane.. really clean and bright and tidy. Staff really nice. 


Really nice gal sitting next to me.

I get a window seat. :p

Have to admit the seat get is a little restrictive though.. I’m only just comfortable. . And I’m  not even that big.

Picture out window here.
Sort of boring as it’s dark outside


We’ll. . Might as well settle in for the flight. Good night peeps.. see you on the island side of life 🙂

As a side note.. we get dinner and breakfast on this flight.

Dinner was epic. . For airplane food. There was a lovely fresh salad and a chicken and mushroom mains with a side of rice.  It was cooked perfectly.
Oh and manuka honey biscuits. . Yum yum 🙂  

.. Meh. . Can’t sleep…. watching x files. .doesn’t help. Cute gal next to me passed out… she smells nice.. is that pervy or what lol :p oh well..

As I look around I see most people sleeping.. A few watching the on board entertainment thing.


The peeps are asleeps 🙂

Gosh hope I can at least get some sleep.. predicted weather in Oahu is 28 degree Celsius. 70pct chance of rain.
It’s going to be sticky.

… quite a few hours and movies later…

Look…first light outside…


Ok I’m going back to Futurama shows.. 🙂


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