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Hawaii 2013 – day 1

Ah yeppie.. Ok well day one is actually the same day I left Auckland lol.. left Saturday night.. 10 hours later I get to Hawaii on Saturday morning.. yea .. weird.

Didn’t sleep on the flight really.. see previous entry.

So landed.. got my car.. fun car.. couldn’t work out how to start it lol sad eh.. One of those keyless things.. eventually need to have foot on break before the pushy button thing works. Adventure started.

Checked into hotel.. nice. Got upgraded.. nicer.

Then went off to visit my bestie jen.

Something I did that was the stupid. . I upgraded the maps on my Gps before I left home.. n guess what.. yea. Different routes now to jens place.. aarrgghh so annoying lol..

Any how’s. . Got.there sadly.  Visited for a few hours and left because I was absolutely shattered from the flight.. got back to hotel and crashed out.

Just woke up. It’s. Now about 11:30 pm.

It’s raining hard out. .oh well at least it’s warm.


I’m across the road at an actual Dennys for a very late dinner.



Nachoes 🙂



And all that only cost 11.00 crazy eh..

See how the weather holds.. might go.for a wee walk after.. otherwise back to bed.

Jens birthday tomorrow, so I’ll be there for most of tomorrow.  If it’s not raining in the morning I might quickly pop into a shop in grab a few tee shirts as I didn’t grab much from home.

Good night 🙂

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