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Hawaii 2013 – day 2 – jens birthday


Yea yeo, good morning.. today there’s an 80 percent chance of rain… uumm sure sure but hey.. it might do.

Passing through the lobby of my hotel I notice this couple. .
I guess some people can sleep anywhere..even at a sunny beach .. lol

And as I walk outside.. lol.. it rains :p

Going to jens all day today for her birthday today.

Jenivie loves pineapples and celebration of that.. there’s a picture of a dole pineapple truck.

I’ll be adventuring around on the following two days.

Expecting to go to temple village including temples and some other spots.. will see what the weather gods allow.

Did some quick cloths shopping.. bought some v neck shirts like $15.00 100pct cotton.. serious.. good quality.. can’t get them for twice the price back
home.. 🙂

Hawaii 2012.. lol

Oh here we go again… I’m heading back to Hawaii again, this november, for a dear friends birthday.

I was there two years ago for a few weeks, it’ was the funz, and I’m hoping to rediscover some of what i enjoyed when i was there last time.

If you search my blog, you will find postings of my last trip.. but alas the image links are broken.. but i’m trying to work out how to fix them.. so stay tuned…


anyhoo… it’s a few months away yet….


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