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Net’s founding father Dr Larry Roberts dies aged 81

And so.. it has come to pass, that all those creators and innovators shall indeed come to pass.

Something this young generation will never be able to comprehend .. what life was like before giving up privacy for their 5 seconds of fame on FB or YT..

I’ve (and others my generation) grew up in a pre-internet world.. where visiting your friends required you get off your ass and go see them..

But hey I’ve also fallen victim to the easy lazy web of checksum errors lol 🍉.

Let us (or those of us who can) remember for a moment a time when life was peaceful and small…

..and boring 🤣🤣

Safe journies Dr Roberts.. so long and thanks for all the porn 🤣

BBC News – Net’s founding father Dr Larry Roberts dies aged 81

Italian woman becomes the last person alive today to have lived in 19th century | The Japan Times

Worthy of note… A good read as a part of history hangs on… thr remains of an era that no one less can personally attest to having been there …

What does the future hold for the rest of us.. we are caught in the middle.. we saw the change of a century .. sure..  but nothing as cool as passing through an entire one 🙂

Anyway… good Monday morning people 🙂 keep well.

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Food for thought, dead people and history

So, I got bored, and visited a graveyard.






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