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It’s interesting that more and more emphases these days is put onto what someone can do in post.  20+ years ago when I first started in Photography, it was all about creating that vision in real life, of-course post-editing software didn’t really exist then…. so one had too really try and create the elements of the shot in the material world so as to have it translate onto the film as the mind had dreampt it to be…. (sadly i never improved, but that’s not the point)  so I wonder, if somewhere in time, the “art” of photography will fade away and all that will be left is vague digital interpretation of what was once a physical subject.


I thought about this, when I see the works Jean Fan on .

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a massive respect for her work, and am in no way picking on her…. it’s just she wrote a journal that was some very good ‘food for thought’ material.. Journal Entry Is Here and thus. She is fantastic, and I love her works.

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