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Documentry: Food inc


HI Kids, 


Watched an interesting documentary tonight called “Food, Inc.”, about the state of the American food industry.

Very interesting, and the last 30 minutes is more so disturbing.

Below you can find a link via youtube, but, i encourage you to go search this out for yourself, noting that

the documentary is 1 hour and 30 minutes, not 1 hour long as most of the renditions around are, this being, that the

last 30 minutes are the most interesting…. naming companies like monsanto , who, over the years have had their past employees take

positions of control in the FDA (american food and drug administration) and even one of their lawyers who has gone on to become a supreme court judge

who writes legislation that is PRO Big Food and anti consumers…. interesting…

go watch.


Note, that I mention this, because I see our own country heading down this track with TPP – that’s really something all New Zealanders should be aware of

well, not just New Zealanders, but really everyone in the world.



Interesting Links:

What is TPP – How might it effect us

 Who/What is Monsanto


Who is John Key and how exactly did he get into power in NZ ?


PS don’t believe everything you see/hear in the media, even this… find things out for your selves.

Don’t let the forthcoming generations grow up stupid.









Cars, Cows and… ?

*mumbles about how cold it was today…*


2010_06_26_IMG_3730 2010_06_26_IMG_3737




BLOG_2010_06_26_IMG_3754 BLOG_2010_06_26_IMG_3757 BLOG_2010_06_26_IMG_3802 BLOG_2010_06_26_IMG_3777

I think this one fancied me… look at its’s all like.. “Hello lover, want to play?” … *shudders in fear* bears an uncanny resemblance to Miss Piggy, now I know how Kermit felt….






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