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My Cooking Adventures – Healthy

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HI Ho everyone… Just a very quick “FOOD” update…

I had a go at cooking again and am very proud

to announce that i managed to cook a very healthy




250g lean meat

1 x onion

various mixed vegies

various mixed beans


cook them all up nice and slow…

and you end up with this lovely creation…



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After some deliberation and discussions with no one other

than myself and my fridge and my tummy and my eyes

and other things…


I decided it needed something to just “finish” it off, so to speak…



B E H O L D  –  T H E    F I N I S H I N G


See, all it needed was two cups of CHEESE 🙂 LOL OMG YESH!!!!!  😛

2015 06 18 20 26 37
















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The surprising benefit of being fat in middle age

Finally … A medical study I can approve of :p lol 


Grow your own food company proves a winner


Hi kids…. 🙂  hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. . Especially after the blood moon last night. .epic 🙂

Found this interesting news item about a kiwi company trying to bring fresh food back to the masses…

Finally a refreshing article in the business news… A Kiwi company that is trying to make fresh healthy food available too everyone in the form of DIY gardening kits. Great idea.

With the progressive monopoly over food control growing by the day by big food corporates like Monsanto and other evil giants.. we are losing control over what we eat.. options and pricing. 

Search for and watch a documentary called “Food. Inc” to see what I mean.

Have a great Sunday 🙂

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China Food Journey – A Very worthwhile documentry – worth watching


This is a very interesting and very watchable documentary about Food and China, not just food, but politics within food, and how the land is being raped for the rich.  Totally worth watching.. 


I don’t know who made this Doco, but it’s outstanding.


Adventure 2014-2015 – Epic RoadTrip – South Island – NZ – Part 4


BeardyMan Adventures

Part 5 🙂     
Finally I got a decent internet connection, so here’s part 5 of my ongoing little adventure 😉
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The Story of an amazing little beardyman on an 
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A little kiwi for ya


Sometimes, it’s nice to graze upon the memories of old….

and yeah.. i need coffee, this is going to be a long night 🙂


For all my international friends… watch a few of the following videos.. and please don’t judge us by how amazing and awesome we are…

but by how amazing and awesome we are 🙂









Good Night Everyone 🙂 Merry Holidays and a Happy Eggsmess 🙂





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