Adventure – Part 1 – Leaving Auckland and New Years


And so it begins, the beginning of the end of the beginning…. 😛


I left Auckland on the 26th of Dec 2014, all packed and ready…. and began the drive down to Wellington, where I am to catch the 2am crossing to the south island… yay!! 

Please note… This trip is a personal one for me, so I’m only sharing a small part of it… so if you’re wondering about the big jumps in time / gaps etc.. that’s why.




Here below are some images from the MJO gigs and also my other adventures.


MJO @ Dharma Bums Club – Awesome Gig.

20141227 042A89489



MJO @ The Playhouse Cafe

20141228 042A9128130



MJO @ Mussel Inn @ Takaka.

20141229 042A934190


An old thing

20141230 042A94133


A very cool place to go camping…. awesome views… go and see for yourself…

20141231 042A94371




This (almost doesn’t exist) town has an interesting story…. about an earth quake in 1968.

20141231 042A946224


20141231 042A947133


20141231 042A947638


Yerr… it’s West …..and….. not much else…. lol

20141231 042A947941


20141231 042A948042


Then there’s these world famous Pancake Rocks things…. I… yeah.. anyways…

20141231 042A950062


20141231 042A952789



That’s it for this first week.


Good night.


Happy New Year.


❤ 🙂





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