Miho Wada–Carmen’s Requiem – Music Video!

Miho Wada - cover V3


The Fabulous Miho Wada has done it again folks, and released another totally adorable and heart warming music video for everyone to enjoy.


… Don’t sit here.. OMG… Click Play…. scoot.. go go.. Smile

Miho Wada’s Carmen’s Requiem Music Video


Carmen’s Requiem Official Music Video
Music by Miho Wada, from the album "EXIT 621"

You can obtain your copy from the Itunes Store:

Performed by Miho’s Jazz Orchestra

Miho Wada – Flute & Sax
Pascal Roggen – Violin
James Donaldson – Cello
Andrew Rudolph – Guitar
Leo Corso – Bass
Jared Desvaux de Marigny – Drums

Starring Fuzzy & Jessie in the dog parks and beaches in Auckland, New Zealand

“This piece was written inspired by late Carmen, the black Labrador who lived 2 doors down from us. She was gentle, clever and calm yet extremely playful and apparently a bit naughty at times. Carmen loved her family and friends, her doggie friends, sleeping, eating, digging out vegetables in the gardens, and running around the beaches and parks. Aren’t we so lucky to have such faithful, positive thinking and fun loving companions? Our world wouldn’t be the same place without dogs!” – Miho Wada

All material copyright: Miho Wada

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