Miho Wada and her Jazz Orchestra

Mihowada - Wanderland - final-cover-446x400



Videos are UP of Miho’s Jazz Orchestra CD launch of WANDERLAND – at the One 2 One Cafe on Saturday night.

Was an awesome night.. wish you were all there…shot a bunch of videos, kindly uploaded by Miho www.mihowada.com

Go forth and enjoy Smile

PS, hit up her website, buy the CD’s and merch.. you will not regret it Smile










All material copyright: Miho Wada
Video/Audio & other content used
by request from and with permission
of the content owner.
Not for stock or unlicensed use.

Information on Miho Wada is
available on her website.

Visit: http://www.mihowada.com

for more information, CD’s and Merch.



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