Amythia …. You will believe


Amythia by Jeremy Adshade Photography

(image copyright to Jeremy Adshade Photographic and Amythia)

When you reach out a little more than you should, you discover who you truly are, or, who else you are …

Having known this soul (virtually speaking) for but a short time, she never fails to surprise, with her passion for arts, fetishes, and .. being. Follow her around a little and see what I mean..


Link: Amythia @ Deviantart


Breathing perfection pulsating within every drop of your divine bloods liquidity.

Ribbons of passion burning my skin, boiling my blood, setting fire to my soul…

..melting, destroying the shards of ice that held your blood back from my eager lips, quivering at your sent, wanting every droplet of your soul to dance upon my tongue and scream insane profanities into the darkness that is my life without you…

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