A log of times and conversations in pain – 1998

(over heard conversations of strangers in the night)

For the morrow of days gone, have I parted with my love,

Our love no longer… no stronger, parted.

Of years, there were 3, and 6 to the months along.

Our love no longer, no stronger, gone.


A heart now freed from it’s cage can fly among the

flowers, tasting sweet nectar where fancy falls…

Man: Ah, but truth in those words M’lady, are hard to ignore, even harder to obey, What pains me so, a bond beyond love, beyond partnership.

Time heals? that is a jest.

Time heals? a long time at best.

Lady: To dwell upon pain only serves to deepen it…better instead to gaze upon beauty and thus forget more quickly…


But how, how, to pull away, my eyes burn on beauty, burn on that of any other.

My heart knows, control of it is total, total and burning.

I try, i try another beauty, but to no avail, my eyes burn…oh M’lady, they burn.


*** These passages of time, of burning pain.

Will they end, bringing to me surly, death?

Death, that which is so sweet, yet cold in the night,

Swift in the days under ground, to the living? ***


Then wash thyne eyes in the cooling pools of another’s love, for to deny thyself healing serves only to punish thyne own heart which is innocent of any crime…

yes, yes for you speak of wisdom, of old words of healing.

A mistress of magic, of faith in the living, a lover of the sun?

Prey tell me M’lady, from where do you learn such words of healing?


Tis the voice of experience that speaks to you for I have felt the pain and learned to cool its burn….


Ah, so see I, in your mind, so see I, the ways of your learning. But tell me, this that you speak of, this cooling, does thow think it shall work for ones soul such as mine?


*** So wrought and damaged by pain through time?

So hardened and blistered by cold nights, hot days alone and wine?

Does thow think heat shall replace my stoney cold heart? ***


I believe this pain has but a single cure which, when applied to any sufferer, provides the path to eradication of the illness.


And this cure you speak of, be it love, love of another, love so one sided that pain again surly follows?

Or love unbridled, lust, lust that follows to help quench the thirst, dampen the burning, apply joy to the pain. And from there, to recover in the arms of a lover undenying, unselfish in her needs; but to heal a broken mans heart?


With the former, the latter surely duth follow, therefore ye shall need both together else the affliction shall recur. However, it makes no matter which half of the potion be taken first, so long as both are consumed.


so see I, and this advise you freely give, I shall partake of.

Life is but short, pain shall have no place in it.

Embers of lost lovers, that which causes my burning shall die.

Embers of new passions, of woman, music and wine shall follow.

As sure as I am standing here today, I shall heed your advice and cling to life, of that which is so short, and lived but only once.


Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! Sound the trumpets and commence the celebration, for he that was dying is now reborn and that which was destroying him has been truly put to death and is now safely buried!!!


Ah, M’Lady, but without your sure advise and steady way,

Truly lost would I have been. For your guidance and wisdom, your magic of words healing have inspired me to be bold again. To allow the breath of the living back into my lungs.

Take this, a simple gift, a token of my bond to you, take this, but a simple gift 1of my mothers ring, a reminder of the goodness you placed in a man who was lost. A man how is found again.


Your gratitude is appreciated, M’lord, and recognized as pure and good, but the gift I crave is that of friendship rather than any worldly goods. If you would but share that with me, I would be ever in your debt…


Friendship, Friendship!, surly, is this all you ask?? No worldly gifts of gold or grain.

M’Lady, for that which you duth ask, is given freely to one and all.

You need not beg nor ask anything more, it is yours, all yours and forever, truly a gift from the heart, a truly immortal gift. It is yours, here, take it, take it freely and with greed, take it as

Your food, your drink, your rest and play.

Take it, and come, visit me any day. Any time of your needs, any time of your joys or pains, take this friendship, and my open arms, and return often to this happy home.


Your generosity knows no bounds M’lord, for I now feel the bonds of friendship growing, between our hands outstretched one towards the other across these many miles. I pray that it continues to grow stronger as each day passes, for your friendship is that which I truly treasure.


M’Lady, it is yours forever. We shall water it like a plant, feed it like a child, fill it with the wonders of the known world, and the wonders yet to come. M’Lady, today, is surly a day of bouncy fun

But with that said, it is also late of night, and I am heavy of the eyes, and rest beckons me from my bunk, so please, take this parting kiss, and so shall we meet, with a kiss, on the morrow of a new day.


I take it gladly and give you one in return to seal our bond for I have taken such joy from our conversation the like of which has not seen the light of day. Take thee then to bed and so to dream. Rest well and I will see the on the morrow, M’lord.


*** At a guess, one might sit and say, yes, I understand the pain, or no, it makes sense not. It is open to different eyes, different souls of interpretation, or, left as is, can be a story of unknown depths. You tell me. Did he truly love her, or was it a ploy to gain the friendship, trust, and lust of another?



Copyright – Yanni Migias – Thursday, July 16, 1998

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