Islamic Art & Cultural Show

Ah, well this morning I attended what I believe to be the first Islamic Art & Cultural show, here in Auckland. It was small and personal, held in one of the event centres here in Auckland, and it was nice.

They had cultural stuff on display, food stalls, all the usual stuff, and I can see this growing into a diverse and interesting show in the future.

Here are some random photos…


2010_04_18_IMG_2165 2010_04_18_IMG_2166 2010_04_18_IMG_2167 2010_04_18_IMG_2168 2010_04_18_IMG_2169 2010_04_18_IMG_2171 2010_04_18_IMG_2173 2010_04_18_IMG_2175 2010_04_18_IMG_2176 2010_04_18_IMG_2177 2010_04_18_IMG_2178 2010_04_18_IMG_2179 2010_04_18_IMG_2180

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