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The 22nd of June 2103 was an odd day for me, woke up, it’ was the 22nd, I had lunch, my lunch table number was 22, and the price of lunch was $22.00 and at 44, I’m exactly 22 years younger than a 22 yrold ? LOL needless to say, I bought a Lottery ticket.


Anyhoo… I was bored and went on an Adventure… and some how ended up at Hobbiton!! A place I swore I’d never go.. I mean, ok not a LOTR fan.. but I liked the movie, least the parts I didn’t fall asleep in.. .. sooo…

Last year, they released The Hobbit, part 1, and the Movie Set was officially opened as an attraction…

It’s in a backwards town called Matamata, and I recommend you all go visit it at least once in your life, just to say you’ve been there, seen that, didn’t get hairy feet, and bought the tee-shirt.

The tour is… EXPENSIVE… NZD$75.00… OUCHIES.. but meh… I had nothing else planned anyways.

It’s run by LoTR Tours (nz), from what I understand, a company shared by the movie company, Peter Jackson and the farm owners in the area.

The tour takes you into the set, a walk around, a peek inside, and the pub.

The tour site is here:





The village….


Bilbos place .. ?

2013_06_22_IMG_75942013-06-22 16.31.27

Inside Bilbo’s place.. Muhahahaha it’s movie magic Smile

2013-06-22 16.36.492013_06_22_IMG_76002013_06_22_IMG_7614


View of the Green Dragon


Sleepy… good night Smile

2013-06-22 17.30.44



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