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BBC News: Chinese official Meng Hongwei to head Interpol

Chinese official Meng Hongwei to head Interpol –

Holy duck interpol – what the duck were you thinking. .. I mean I thought Trump getting voted in was a true sign that stupid people in large groups had power .. but this ?? Holy shiz..
So the world ends… again..and I’ve hardly finished breakfast lol.

Btw I’m on the job market.. what’s going ?

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I’m back…

not that i actually went anywhere, but none the less, here i am, back.

Yep ok well so what’s been happening…


started the new job.

its ok.

considering not being there.



so what else…


doing more photography.


anyways, bed time Smile

Resigning from ones Job.

Today, 24th of October 2010, I handed in my 4 weeks notice of resignation to my current employer.


it felt really good.


That job, cost me dearly , destroying my relationship with my ex.


I wish it didn’t.


I’m glad i walk away in 4 week.

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