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The Human Joke ?

I saw this thing today, while i was in town, this weird dude, dressed like old time Shakespeare sorta thing… and I was wonder, if, people who choose to be like that, are students, or dropouts or just really rich with nothing better to do.

Ummm.. I’m thinking… I’d like to be like that.

If Shit Sticks….

Then kindly, someone tell me why work appears to be like shit ? 🙂

Umm… Oh wait, I know….     don’t tell me…. 🙂

It’s because they are both annoying and come from assholes ?

Might work 🙂

Yep, I’m good with that theory 😉

Karoshi 過労死 … Yep Work too hard, you die

Now, here I was, minding my own business reading the Japan Times Newspaper online, when I came across this weird article about people, who, apparently, work so hard, that they die. And guess what, there’s even a website dedicated to those who suffer from it.. Death by working too Hard.  I mean, how odd….

Still, look at how amazingly strong Japan grew after the war, and how dedicated they are as workers… 12 hour days are perfectly normal.

Oh well..

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