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Lets play a game

Shall we ?

Want to drift deeper into the mind of the insane, babbling moronic flesh casting shadows around this godforsaken land …


Let’s play.

Catch me,

as I run towards you.

Knives, are they sharp ?

Yes, they are not, but still,

you must catch me.

before you fall once more into the softness of

my bloody arms around your torso.

Go on, let’s play, once more.

Catch me – before this blade does.


Did you read it ?

I didn’t think so.

It’s about you.




was a game

It was a game we used to play, when we were young.

When the light was less intrusive,
and darkness kept our black hearts safe.

It was a game I used to play.



Gifts and kids

A sure sign the world is messed up and we are getting older. When kids want psp and remote controlled robots and playstations, i dred to thing how braindead these kids will end up being.  Go outside and play. Explore the world around you. Sheesh. Lol there is so much more to life then blowing up aliens

right im off to play CS SOURCE


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