BBC News: Claims GCHQ wiretapped Trump ‘nonsense’ – NSA’s Ledgett

Claims GCHQ wiretapped Trump ‘nonsense’ – NSA’s Ledgett –

I wonder if people have forgotten that this actually does go on..

The Five Eyes countries spy on each other and then “sell that information back to each other because for the most part a country isn’t really allows to spy on its own citizens
I mention this one in particular because it’s still fresh for New Zealand.. 

A few years back our previous prime minister ( John Key ) was accused of manipulating the arrest of a German citizen living as a resident in NZ called Kim Dot Com (no I’m not kidding that’s his name now lol) under the guise and guidance of the Americans. . 

In brief KDC is Americans caused of piracy as he owned a site called Mega Upload    a file sharing site.

anyways .. There was a released video of a meeting between KDC and our previous prime minister as a representative of the government at that time.. where KDC had bought up the Five Eyes spy network.. and what it was used for … and the then prime minister acknowledged it’s existence and I believe also what and how it was used. 

I think the article is still on YouTube   and worth a look if your interested ..

 More to come 🙂

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