On a side note – Flights and Adventures


So on a slight deviation from the constant travel videos.. ( hope you’re watching them, liking them on YouTube and subscribing)

Here’s some thoughts …

I’ve had to catch a domestic flight back down to Queenstown for a family members birthday…. that’s fine.. what was weird was the flight…

Normally for domestic flights in New Zealand we have a few choices…
Air New Zealand,  Jetstar, Quantas,  and so on… so I usually will fly Air New Zealand .. not because it’s our national carrier but because it’s the least shity of the lot ..

Any hoo. . What Air New Zealand have done is redesign then crafts interiors. . And I have to admit it’s starting to look better… of all the international flights / carriers I’ve been with thus far, Hawaiian Airlines have been the best by far.

So now Air New Zealand  have jumped on board ( punny ) and upped their game with a nice looking interior. ..


Well.. for a domestic flight it’s good 🙂
They serve the usual snacks for short haul flights. .. water..tea..pooh flavored coffee and a chocolate cookie .. and they play these god awful “lord of the rings” flight safety videos… I cringe every time I see it… just so embarrassing. ..

But… This is what is bugging me now. ..

All the seats are…. Black…


And… I think I’ve worked out why…

I think,  given all the recent aviation crashes over seas… This cunning move is so that when  a plane crashes and burns… They will not be able to tell the difference between the black seats and the charred remains of the passengers….

Yes… Sounds stupid .. but if you think about it. ..It makes perfect sense. …If you can’t tell the difference… then technically you have more “bulk” that may be a deep fried human… so you have more remains you can hand over to the respective families of the char-grilled crash test dummies…. but not only that, it means there’s less mess for the airline to dispose of too… you know.. just hand over an arm with an armrest.. lol see.. I’ve worked out their evil plan.. I’m so amazing :p

Yeah.. must be the coffee…

Safe travels my lovelies..

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Love your socks!


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