Miho Wada’s MJO Showcase Reel 2013

miho wada band promo 1


What an epically outstanding year 2013 has been so far for Miho and her band…

awesome gigs, tours, promos and fun, and yes, there’s more coming Smile

Catch her 2013 showcase reel below, and follow this youtube link to see more of Miho Wada  ( or you can google Miho Wada ) and keep an eye out on the official Miho Wada Website ( www.mihowada.com ) for more gig dates and info.


Miho Wada’s MJO Showcase Reel 2013


“Here comes the 2013 showcase reel for the Auckland based high energy jazz ensemble "Miho’s Jazz Orchestra (MJO)". This year the band reveals the multiple ensemble combinations they performed during this year’s international tours (and it’s only July!). Sit back, relax and let them take you on an exciting musical journey through New Zealand, Australia and Japan.” – Miho Wada


Miho’s Jazz Orchestra members:

Miho Wada – Flute & Sax
Pascal Roggen – Violin
James Donaldson – Cello
Andrew Rudolph – Guitar
Leo Corso – Bass
Jared Desvaux de Marigny – Drums

with a special guest Takumi Motokawa on piano & keys

Video shot by Helen Millar, Yanni Migias, Rob Mayes and Machiko Furutani

All music written by Miho Wada and performed by MJO members. All track available on iTunes and other online stores.

Visit: www.mihowada.com
for more information, CD’s and Merch.


All material copyright: Miho Wada
Video/Audio & other content used
by request from and with permission
of the content owner.

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